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Dear Saadia is an Advertising/PR friendly-blog based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. If you are a company and want to advertise or review your products and services, please feel free to email me at the below-mentioned email. Please, include your company overview and contact details so I can get back to you. 

This blog does not particularly promote or advertise any brand, product or service.

Regardless, all the views expressed on my blog are honest and unbiased, for the benefit of my readers. I try to help my readers through my writing and nothing can compromise that.

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  1. woow i love your new blog design! mashaAllah

  2. Hey Saadia!
    I came up to your blog and find it amazing! Your beauty tips, article about What muslim men hate in their wives...- as I am totally different religion and nation (actually, I am from Central Europe-Slovakia).
    I don´t even know how I ran into your site but I´ve had positive feeling as I went through it :-)

    Wish you great luck and more such successful posts!


  3. Peace be upon you and the mercy of God and His blessings.

    Hi, just wanted to share this article with you!

    Proofs that Muslim women can show their faces, hands, feet and even hair!

    Salam (Peace).

    1. are you sure? I am moving to riyahd soon and I have been told I must cover it is the law

  4. Hey Saadia you are the coolest blogger . I totally enjoy how you mix life style with important matters like religion or being a wife in Saudi Arabia .This is the second time I write to you . We european girls really would like to know how is life treating the arab women. After all , we have the same gender and we should show some interest for each other especially for our rights . Knowing that you are an inspiring journalist (one of the bravest profession in my opinion ) i really would love to know a fully detailed opinion of yours about the womens rights in Saudi Arabia and how much related are this rights with religion .

  5. Assalamualikum sadia
    my name is Irum and I'm from Australia
    I need ur email address as I want to discuss a very personal issue with u and need some advice
    jazak Allah


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