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As-salamu-alaykum (Peace by upon you)

First let me introduce myself…

I'm SaadiaI live in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, a full time teacher, wife to a wonderful man, and Mama to a sweet baby boy, strong believer in kindness & compassion, lover of beauty inner & outer. Oh and I'm a coffee lover, a serious coffee lover. 

What do I believe in?

I believe in beauty.

I passionately believe everyone can be beautiful. Every single one of us can be beautiful. Being beautiful is about taking care of your mind, body and soul. It’s not your face or body it’s your heart that reflects beauty. Absolute real beauty starts from within. Through this blog I share with you some beauty rituals to keep our hearts, minds, bodies and souls beautiful.

I also believe,

In God
In faith
In humanity
In empathy
In love
In compassion & kindness

Who is Saadia?

I’m a very warm, down-to-earth, deeply family-oriented, a little shy, and liberal but optimistic person.

I’m also very empathetic if someone cries there is a big chance I would sit and tear up with them. Or my throat would get clogged with restrained tears and I wouldn't be able to speak or console that person. But, even then I’m the type of person that people come to with emotional problems.

Why Dear Saadia?

I love writing and sharing and this is my little corner on the internet where I share a bit of everything life.

 I started this blog to help girls find their beauty and faith.

This blog is my baby. It is my friend on those long quiet nights.

Dear Saadia is about everything in my life as a girl living in Saudi Arabia. My struggles, hopes, dreams, aspirations…

This is my journey and I invite you to join me, and who knows you might find some beauty, love or even motivation.

I wish I could limit myself to just one topic or subject in my blog. But, I can’t because I’m a learner, an explorer. I cannot limit myself to just one thing.

Now, I do hope you know me a little better. If you share similar thoughts and want to be friends send me a message on my Facebook or email me.

Happy reading!

Oh! Disclaimer:  I am not a professional. Any tips and tricks I share on my blog have been tried and tested by me on myself. I am your human guinea pig.

P.P.S when I’m not blogging you can find me on Facebook and Instagram. 


  1. i love this blog please never give up! i will inform my friends about you because we have a thing for muslim bloggers around the world :P please visit my blog also i would like you to read my blog post and let me know what you think, Jazakallah khair..x


    1. I would love to follow your blog, but there isn't any option. It is very informative, you got yourself a regular reader :D
      I hope to see the condition of Bangladesh improve :(
      BTW I love your name, you are very funny! :P
      Takecare <3

  2. Hi saadia loved all of ur posts...i sent u a mail asking sm questions but it didnt deliver :'/

  3. So where do you actually live? if not in Arabia?

    1. I do still live in Saudi Arabia but I'm not a Saudi. That is what I meant by 'not really a girl from Arabia.

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  5. well if your 'not really a girl from Arabia' then where are you really from ?? :P you should mention that in your About Me section :) anywayz good job you have done here. I'm going to share it with my sisters :)

    PLs check out my blog too. I just started writing a novel :) would love to hear your opinions :)


  6. Hmm,, I really like your post,,

  7. I'm regular reader of your blog,
    Love your simplicity, style of conveying and your honest previews. ..
    Keep up your work and write more and more...

  8. Seems like ur ashamed of ur hometown which I believe is Hyderabad. Despite u mentioning ur home country several times earlier ppl still asked whr u belong but u nevr really bothered.
    Well, May be u want yourself to be associated more with 'Arabia' rather than a hyderabadi yeah!!

    1. Okay. Umm, I was born here and lived here in 'Arabia' all my life, hardly ever been to Hyderabad. I mentioned my hometown which is Riyadh. Home is where the heart is right? My heart and home is Saudi Arabia. And, I'm not ashamed of anything.

  9. OMG! I love you girl! Keep doing your thing. I actually relate at your 'I’m a poor person at heart' because I came from a poor family and we live in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Others think living in here means you're rich and you're enjoying life. On a side note, I hope to meet you someday! I always love to meet my favorite bloggers.. yes. I save the websites of my favorite bloggers as bookmarks. And in shaa Allah, I'll be able to make my own website too. I want to follow you on Twitter or Instagram but i can't find any link in your blog. Have a good day ahead - Naf

    1. Hi Naf,

      Thank you so much for your sweet words. I would love to meet you someday. And, whenever you do make that website, share it with me! I'd love to see it. My instagram is @saadia.mirza and I don't have twitter yet.

      Keep in touch <3

  10. Hi Saadia. I love your blog. I'm a teen! Duuude you're so amazing! I just love the way you potray yourself, and how you are. So pure and honest. You're one of the few women, every girl should follow or atleast get inspired. Your thoughts, your view, dreams, aspirations everything is so warming and pure. :') Especially, your Islamic point of views. Israel issues to Beauty issues you rock dude :D also you should start writing a book or something. You're blessed to have such good writing skills. :D I always stalk you on FB and this blog is like my daily adda ;) xD All I can say is someone in the conrner of the world here loves you and gets motivated cause of you. Also when I'll be a wife I wish I shall be like you and all other women too. :D May Allah Bless youuu xx Oh yeah I wanna be a Journalist too :D Also I would loooove to be your friend :) If you allow I will send ya request on FB :) Lots of love from UAE!

    1. Hi there,

      hahah that's not meee!! I don't know what else to say!! Thank you so so so much for the sweetest comment ever! I really appreciate it. Your words show what a good person you yourself are. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! You're beautiful. Thank you!!

      Warmest love, kisses and hugs to you <3

  11. Asalamu alaikum sister Saadia

    I discovered your blog yesterday and have to say, I love it! You are so funny and I loved reading through many of your posts. I have added you to my blog roll @ http://sfraww.blogspot.com/

    I thought you might be interested in a recent post I did on another one of my blogs (I'm obsessed :P), so I wanted to let you know :) It is @ http://theskyisthelimitsf.blogspot.com/2014/08/how-i-make-some-extra.html

    I look forward to reading more from you <3

    1. Walaikum As Salam dear,

      Thank you so much for reading! And, I will check that post out. <3

  12. Hi Saadia,
    I love your blog! :) I am also 22 and married, from Australia. I am not religious but your insights into Islam and Islamic marriage are really interesting and the values really aren't that different than what I hold.
    Also, you inspired me to try the oil cleansing method, it's my second night and I cannot wait to see what differences it makes.
    A while ago I stopped using any shampoo and conditioner on my hair and used water only to wash (rinse only method), I did that for 2 months before realising it wasn't completely going to work for me. I now shampoo and condition every 1-1.5 weeks and use the rinse only method in between those times. I am very much for natural and home made beauty and am looking forward to trying some of your tips.
    Thank you :) xx Laura

    P.S. I have followed you on instagram. If you are interested in sharing, my intsa name is 'meltingmomentz_'


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