My Full Body Laser Hair Removal Experience

I finally got full body laser hair removal done at a clinic! I thought I'll also share my Tria Hair Removal Laser at home device experience for those of you who want to do it at home.

Tria Hair Removal Hair Experience

The Tria is a very effective home laser hair removal machine. People who say home laser devices don't work have either not used Tria or have used it improperly. I had good results with Tria. I used it on and off for 2 years and stopped when I got pregnant. I'm not going to talk about how to use the machine as there are lots of videos on Youtube. This machine reduced 50% of my hair growth on my arms and legs. The hair that grew back is much finer and way less dense than before. But, you cannot use this machine on the bikini area. Also, this machine is not suitable for darker skin tones. Do your research before you decide to buy one of these.

There are only two drawbacks in my experience. The first being it has a very small head which means it takes super long to cover areas like legs and arms. Apart from the time consuming process it is also a bit painful. I've been able to work myself up to a level 3 which is a medium intensity level. The higher the intensity the more effective the laser will be at deactivating the hair follicle. The time and pain involved wasn't worth it for me anymore. Especially after having a child, I just didn't have the energy for it.

That is why I decided to go for professional laser hair removal. Before, I even share my experience I want to say that getting full body laser hair removal was the best thing I've done for myself second only to my Lasik eye surgery!

Apart from the hair on my head and eyebrows, I feel like a Sphynx cat! haha TMI, I know!

I got a deal from for full body laser hair removal with retouch for 444 SAR at the Ma Sante Clinic in Jeddah. The laser machine they were offering was the ND Yag Gentle Pro laser. You should research the laser and the clinic before buying any voucher.

I got my first session done on the 20th of February. It's been more than a month now and I'm still pretty much hairless! My legs, arms, underarms have had minimal to no regrowth. I haven't had to shave which is AWESOME! 

Let's start from the beginning. I had to book an appointment and go in for a consultation. At the clinic, I showed them the cobone voucher and went in for the consultation. The doctor asked some questions and checked my skin type. She made notes about what kind of laser would be best for my skin and what level of laser needs to be used. She also made me sign a consent later. 

You cannot wax or epilate for atleast 3-4 weeks before your laser session. So, if you're planning to get laser hair removal, stop removing hair from the roots. You can only shave because shaving doesn't remove the hair from the root. You have to shave a day before your laser session. So, I shaved the night before going in for my session. 


The technician was very precise and patiently marked each area carefully. Before we even began she put numbing gel in the underarms and bikini area. This gave the gel enough time to numb while she worked on other areas. The laser would spritz cold water along with each laser burst so it would cancel the burning sensation out. The full body session took around 2 hours. 


Some areas hurt a lot more than other areas. The pain level would depend on the amount of hair you have and your pain tolerance level. Sensitive areas would obviously hurt more but the numbing gel greatly reduces pain. I felt this laser was less painful than the Tria one due to the cold bursts of water.

Overall, my experience was amazing. I couldn't go back for the retouch due to the whole corona situation. Inshallah things will settle down soon. I hope you guys are staying home.

Don't dwell on the situation, it's not going to help. Take this time to revive yourself physically, mentally and spiritually.

Until next time,
Saadia xo 💗

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