Sunday, August 14, 2016

How To Get Plump Lips

This is a temporary way to plump up your lips. As we grow older our lips tend to shrivel. I use this device mainly to exercise my lips. Get the blood flowing there. The plumpness doesn't last for a long time. For me, it lasts for about 20 mins. But, like I said I use this more to exercise my lips.

Before and After

I saw fullips online and wanted to try it out. I don't use this religiously. It's just for when I want my lips to look plumper especially when I'm wearing darker lip colors. You can see from my before picture my lips do tend to dry out and shrink? I don't know if lips shrink. It does happen with my lips though. I hate it! Especially when I'm dehydrated.  

I use this suction device from fullips. You put it against your lips and suck. Sounds disgusting but that's what makes blood flow to your lips and makes them look plumper.

It comes in three different sizes. Small, medium and large. I use the small one because it fits perfectly over my lips. Always start slowly and follow instructions. 

I have seen a ton of videos in which people are using glasses and bottle caps to suck on. Some of them end up really disfiguring themselves. Moderation is key in everything. I'm not doing this to dramatically change my look. I just like trying different things out. 

I've seen this being sold in local stores here. Although, I'm sure those are fakes but they are pretty much the same as the original ones. 

I don't know whats going on but there are so many fakes of makeup products being sold in the local stores here. It's scary how identical they are to the real products. 

I've been slacking so much on my blog posts. Comment below and let me know what you would like to read more of. I need some motivation and ideas!


  1. Hi Saadia, i really love your blog and i miss your posts so much :( please, comeback and give us a lot of good advices :) i love reading about natural stuffs what you use for your skincare. I'll love to read more about hair! To be honest, anything what you post is so interesting! Love you!

  2. how come u stopped? i used to read all yur blogs


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