I Got Red Hair!!!

Yes! I finally took the plunge and went completely red/magenta. My entire head had to be bleached! Yikes! But, surprisingly my hair is not as damaged as I expected it would be. I'm taking extra care of it so that helped in keeping my hair soft.

 This was my hair inspiration. She is +Bodmon Zaid. You can find her on instagram with the same name. Since my hair was pretty dark, I didn't get the same bright red color but it is very similar to the pictures above.

This was my hair dream since forever. But, I was so hesitant because I didn't want to bleach my hair. I finally gave in and got it done. I am really satisfied by how it turned out. I love red hair so much. I can never see myself going back to brown.

Comment below if you would like more details on hair care and tips on getting red hair. <3
I've literally so many things I need to write about but I've been very lazy with the blog. Trying to catch up now! Lots of posts coming insha Allah.

Belated Eid Mubarak!


  1. omg! red! seriously? or burgundy? :D
    haha curious to see <3 :D

  2. Is it possible to make dark brown hairs even bit red by using henna?


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