Sleek Makeup Unboxing #2 & First Impressions

Yay! I received my Sleek Beauty Blogger box #2 today. So, I thought I'd do an unboxing blog post to show you all what I received. Unboxing is so fun to watch! I will also be doing reviews very soon after I take some time to test the products out.

These are all the products in the box.  There is an eyeshadow palette, an illuminator, a lip gloss, a highlighting palette and a lip balm.

I'm obsessed with nude eyeshades. This looks like a perfect palette for nude lovers.

I'm not a lip gloss type of girl. But, I'd make an exception because this lip gloss looks too good.

I'm excited about this illuminator. This is not my shade, it is too dark. But, I'm planning to use it as a bronzer base for a glowy skin finish.

I'm all about glowy skin. This palette has both cream and powder finish highlighters. In the first swatch itself I knew these highlighters are crazy pigmented.

Love the neutral shade of this balm.

Sleek never fails to impress. The packaging is lush. It looks like a luxury brand but with a very affordable price range. Which of these products would you like to read a detailed review on?


  1. how can we get this box, like what's the price or is there any certain website where we can order it?

    1. You can't buy this box as this was sent for review purposes. You can order the individual products from the Sleek website.


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