Nivea After Shave Balm As Primer!!!

Before you think I'm absolutely crazy, read on. So, a lot of people are raving about using this after shave balm as a primer. I researched a bit more and every review I read was positive. Oily skin girls specially raved about this product. They said that it prevents your face from getting oily and made makeup last really long. I did not know how this product would work on dry skin.

I tried it. 

A little bit of background of my skin right now. My skin is really dry at the moment. So any foundation or BB cream I apply goes on disgustingly patchy. I did try other primers but they all seem to cling to the dry patches. Before applying makeup I took a little bit of this balm and applied it evenly all over my skin. It feels very fresh and cooling. It does smell like men's after shave but the smell goes away in a while. Immediately after applying my skin felt soothed. Surprisingly, my foundation went on very smooth and I felt like I got better coverage. The dry patches were not as visible as before. They were almost invisible!!! My foundation actually looked quite flawless! 

This after shave balm is just a moisturizer. Don't be freaked out by the men's label. The reason it works so well as a primer is because of the high amount of glycerin in it. 

It retails for about 24 SR in Hyper Panda stores. You get a bottle with 100ml in it. If you're looking for a great primer ladies, head into the after shave section and pick this up.

The price is amazing. You get loads of product and it is available easily. I'm really glad I came across this product.

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