Friday, December 4, 2015

Favorite Lipstick Trick

I've been obsessing over matte lips lately. It's the only type of lipstick I wear these days. If there is a shade that is not matte but you love the shade and want to make it look matte then try out this easy peasy trick.

Apply your lipstick as usual. Take a translucent powder and with your fingertips dab it onto your lips. Don't double dip the same finger into your compact or it will get real messy. Wipe your finger on a tissue before re dipping. I just use different fingers to apply it till I have the desired matteness.

This is a trick all girls who love matte lips should know. This is also a great way to utilise the non-matte lipsticks you've been ignoring for so long.


  1. Thank you!!.. will use this trick.. :)

  2. instead of using fingers you can always put a Kleenex(1 ply) over your lips and just use a fluffy brush having translucent powder over your lips


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