How To Become 100x More Attractive To Your Husband

The title of this post is a little bit deceiving. This is more about us as women, more about facing our inner conflicts, more about being our best self. More importantly this is about being at peace with yourself.

Personally, over the years I've evolved my way of thought. Alhamdullilah. There are a lot of things that us women think over and over again that affects our confidence and overall personality. This is my advice to anyone feeling like they are not enough. 

You might ask how is any of this related to the topic of this post. It's all related. The way we think affects our personality. Our inner state reflects on our outer state. 

Emotional Independency
We have this natural tendency to be needy of people, especially our husbands. We want them to fulfill us, make us happy. First of all, know that this is not fair. Why should anybody else have the burden of pleasing you, or making you happy? And, when they fail, more disappointment and resentment builds which in turn strains the relationship. Women literally wait home all day for their husbands to come home and distract them from their mundane life. 

If you are feeling empty, analyze yourself. Find out the cause and work towards finding your happiness and peace. This is your quest not your husband's. Neediness needs to go out the door. Sticky and clingy is never attractive. 

Another super important thing is that, women often tend to lose their identity after marriage. They are not them anymore (lol sounds like an alien abduction). But, really! Don't let your personality take a back seat. Be bold, be creative, be opinionated. This makes you exciting and not like every other woman. Don't try to fit into a mold or box yourself up. Be you.

How to become emotionally independent?
For me personally, the more central God became in my life, the less I needed anybody else. Most of the time we misunderstand that empty place. We think "Oh, the love of this man is going to complete me." But, most often it doesn't. That empty place is spiritual emptiness. No love of human can fill that void. So, build a relationship with God. And, there you will find true contentment. He is more than enough to suffice you. He is always listening, always near. Women often continue suffering in bad marriages with the belief that they will be ruined if they leave or that they have no one and so they should accept their fate. Our reliance should be on God alone. While husbands are our partners, they are not our sustainers. I feel like this outlook has changed me for the better.

Taking care of yourself spiritually will result in evolving from being someone who takes - to someone who gives. And, someone who gives is far better than someone who only takes.

Going back to how this affects our relationships. When we are happy within our ownself, people will like to be around us. They will not feel it draining to be with you. Everyone wants to be around people who give good vibes. So, take time and develop yourself. Slowly, the transformation will happen to a better you.

Self-perception and Self-confidence

Women have such low self-perception. They degrade themselves by comparing themselves to others. The insecurity reflects! Don't think men don't notice insecurity. And, it's not attractive. Low self-esteem and the need for constant validation is obviously unattractive and annoying.

Listen and read carefully. It's all about your self-perception. If you think you're not attractive enough, then YOU'RE not attractive enough. If you think you cannot keep your man happy, then you surely will never keep him happy. If you think you'll lose him to another woman, you'll lose him to another woman.This is the truth. When we think such things we are unconsciously setting ourselves up for failure. It's actually scientific.

Change your thought process.  Yes, you're not Megan Fox but you are a good person, providing value to everything that surrounds you. You're a loyal person. You're naturally beautiful. You're a valuable human because you are always ready to benefit everyone.

To be honest, there will always be someone more attractive than you, more younger than you, more everything than you. But, you are YOU. Only one of a kind. Nobody has your mind, your heart. This makes you unique. This makes you stand out from the rest of the world. So, remind yourself this when you feel insecure.

It's very important to remove these insecurities (aka. fear). It shows up in your behavior.
Even then if you fear someone better will come along and snatch your husband away. Then, know that he didn't deserve you. And, good riddance! lol  You're enough for you! When you're enough for you, the fear will fly away. Then see how your personality flourishes making you 100x more attractive to your husband.

Do not confuse emotional independency and self-confidence with being haughty and self-centered.

I hope at least some of my ramblings here are understandable. This is just my perspective. Do comment below and share your thoughts on this topic. I would love to read what you have to say,


  1. I love this post. It is so true!!! I was more emotionally dependent when I first started dating my guy. He loved that about me. He said I was like no other girl he dated. As time went on I depended more on him and I stopped taking care of myself. I was a disaster. I stopped seeing him for awhile and now we are trying to work it out. This post could not have come at a better time. This makes so much sense to me. Thank you so much!!! xoxo Sandy

  2. It is a lovely post! I totally agree with your view!

  3. And a muslim woman had to break it down for me...a christian. Indeed God can use anybody to speak to you. God bless you my sister...You've helped someone today.


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