Sunday, July 5, 2015

Super Simple Homemade Orange Body Scrub

You sometimes have those days when you just want something a little extra, this orange/sugar/coconut body scrub is for those days.. We could go out and buy some luxury body products but nothing gives the satisfaction of simple homemade stuff. I love making things at home!

You'll need these things to get started,
  • 3/4 cup Coconut oil 
  • 1 cup + 1/4 cup Sugar
  • Orange zest (zest from 5-6 oranges)
  • Clean air-tight jar
I choose coconut oil because it penetrates deep into the skin giving long term moisturization. But, you can use any oil of your choice. Sugar because it is a great exfoliant. And, lastly orange zest for the added scent and vitamin C benefits. You can replace the orange zest for any other zest you desire, This scrub is super moisturizing and exfoliating of course! It can give you results in the first use itself. My skin feels so baby soft!!! I'm obsessed. It can be kept in the bathroom for about 2 months in an air tight container. Moisture shouldn't get inside the container as it will breed bacteria.  The only thing I didn't like about this scrub is the coconuty smell. So, to get rid of that add more zest. But, the smell is bearable considering how amazing my skin feels afterwards.

Here is the procedure. Sorry my pictures came out uwaaaakh.

Combine your sugar and coconut oil and whisk it with a mixer till you get this thick consistency. Now, this step is optional but whisking gives the scrub a luxurious smooth feeling.

Add in your zest and mix it all up together. Now, here you can see there's too much oil and so the consistency is very liquidy. So, you just add more sugar to make it less runny.

And, your orange storable body scrub is ready! How easy was that? 

Don't be afraid to try this. Once you use it, you will fall in love. You cannot go wrong all you have to do is whisk together two things.  

You can definitely try a variable of this scrub by using the zest of other fruits. I hope you enjoy this scrub as much as I do. 

Note: It's preferable to do this scrub at night as then your skin will have time to absorb it. And, use soap before you scrub NOT after. As the soap will wash away all the oil. After scrubbing only rinse with warm water. Your skin will still be a little greasy, But, that's good. By morning everything will be absorbed and you'll be left with soft and smooth skin.


  1. This is so so good! Especially for someone lazy like me who wants easy and effective DIY's! I'm definitely going to try this! Thank you! <3

    P.S. Pics ain't uwaakh, they're clear and helpful! ^_^


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