Perfect Eyebrow Pencil For Arab/Asian Dark Eyebrows

A common problem girls with dark hair face, is finding the right eyebrow shade to fill in the brows. Using black color can come off looking very harsh and 'in your face'. We need something black but subtle.

If you have really dark hair and always have a problem with finding the right eyebrow shade to fill in your eyebrows, keep on reading! I've found the perfect eyebrow pencil we dark haired girls can use.

I love really bold thick eyebrows. They look so beautiful. I'm not a fan of overly thin and unnaturally arched brows.

Anyways, for a long time now, I've been using a dark brown eyebrow pencil or eyeshadow to fill in the space in my brows. And, honestly I've never been happy with how it looked, because my hair is really dark and cool toned, so the warm brown in my eyebrows clashed with it. It looked weird and unnatural.

So, sometime back I was shopping and I came across the eyebrow pencils by Rimmel. I bought one of these before but the color was not matching my eyebrows. So, its lying unused somewhere in my drawer. Anyways, I tried some other shades and found one that is perfect for dark hair. It's the Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in the shade 004 Black Brown.

It also comes with a brush which is very handy. 

Here is a swatch of it on my hand. Its not crazy pigmented (which is a good thing). If you have dark brown or black hair, this is the perfect pencil. It looks very natural, not at all harsh.  I'm loving it. I literally use it everyday. It leaves my eyebrows looking absolutely natural and perfectly complimenting my hair. :D

And, if you're wondering it retails for just 15 Riyals! You can buy it from any Centerpoint, City Max and Lifestyle stores. 


  1. Your eyes are so beautiful. :) And that make-up!

  2. OMG! I love your blog!
    Your makeup articles with steps in pictures were very helpful.


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