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So, if you did read my previous post you would know I'm obsessing over henna. I tried to apply henna before, and it kind of turned out okay. If you haven't checked my previous post on henna, Click here..

First of all, let me tell you I'm not a good artist. I can't draw or paint. I'm very bad at these things. So, when I saw these stencils I had to try them out.

These stencils are basically just stickers. You stick them on wherever you want, and just apply henna over it. The price of one chart of stencils is just 2 SR. I got 2 cones of henna each for 5 SR. I mean you normally have to pay 100-300 SR to get full hand of henna done but this is costing you not even 20 SR.

Also, I didn't expect it to come out so beautiful. I was looking forward to a big messy fail. I did my own hand in just about 20 mins. It is messy in some places, but for a first try I would call this a success.

The thing is, I find it very uncomfortable to go to the parlor to get henna done. It's like too much trouble. I much prefer doing it in the comfort of my home.


Henna cone

The stencils are ahhmazing and I will absolutely be buying and using more of them. If you are a henna lover, you should definitely try this.

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