Monday, January 14, 2013

Perfect Layered Haircut At Home

Going to a good hair salon in Saudi Arabia will cost anywhere from 60-150 Sr minimum! And the results most of the time are not so good, and sometimes even disastrous. Creaclip is a tool for cutting your hair, it is a fool-proof and guaranteed way of cutting perfect hair at home. Moreover, this will cost you NOTHING!

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This is what Creaclip looks like. All you do is slide your hair in it, close the clip at the end and cut your hair. With this you can give your hair U-cut, a V-cut or a layered cut and many different cuts. Creaclip comes with two tools, the one pictured above is what I have, the other one I don't have with me right now.

The second one is perfect for trimming the ends of the hair and cutting straight bangs. It's just plastic with teeth on the inside and clips on the side. I don't know, my brain is not very descriptive right now. Check out the pictures and videos. You will get a better idea.

Here are some google images.

Watch these youtube videos before attempting anything. These videos will show you exactly what to do.
How to cut 3 layers -Lots of Layering and volume
Creaclip- Youtube
Full Layered Haircut Using Creaclip

I already used this alot of times on alot of people. It's amazing. With this tool you just can't get it wrong. It's so easy and can save you a million haircut fails.

I sound like I'm advertising this product. But, seriously this is a great tool to have. I just wanted to share this for the benefit of my dear readers and friends. :P By the way you can buy these from any beauty store or 2,5,10,20 riyal shops. My sister bought this from Jeddah.

The price is around 10-15 Sr. Price may vary but I don't think they sell this for more than 20 Sr. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask. Also, please leave a comment if you need the exact address of where I bought this from in Jeddah.

With this off my head, I think I will sleep now. Have fun! Bye!

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