Saturday, August 11, 2012

*EID SPECIAL* Evening Gold Glitter Makeup How To!

Ramadan has come and now gone in a few days :( But, Eid is dawning upon us :D Thank you Allah for this blessed day! It's a great time of happiness and joy with all families gathering to celebrate :') It's a time of brotherhood, a time of peace. Muslims all over the world sing praises to Allah, Allah-Hu-Akbar. 

I wanted to share this Special Eid look with you all.This is a very easy but glamorous evening eye makeup look, and it takes like only 15 mins to do. It is very very simple and you can choose whatever colors you like.


  Step 1: Moisturize your face and apply concealer to the eye area to hide any dark circles and uneven skin. 

Step 2: Using a brush and black eyeshadow apply it to your crease and blend it slightly upwards. We just want a soft curve like that. It doesn't have to be very dark at this stage.

Step 3: Take a golden glitter eyeshadow (or whatever color you prefer) and apply it to the rest of the eyelid BELOW the black curve line.

Step 4: Take the black eyeshadow again and with a blending brush go over the first black curve, like darken it. Just keep blending till you get a more defined but well blended curve.

Then you should have something that looks like this. 

Step 5: Apply eyeliner and mascara and you are DONE! Make sure  to extend your eyeliner on the outer side of your eye to get a 'winged' effect. Looks more glamorous. 

Brush off any fallen eyeshadow and apply foundation to the rest of your face. And for lipstick, just experiment with different colors and decide what you like best. I would recommend using a subtle pink lipstick. You can go with a peach blush on your cheeks.

I'm not a professional, just shared my way of doing it. Hope you like my Eid Special Makeup! Happy Ramadan and Happy Coming Eid :D:D


  1. Lovely! I am so gonna try this out! :D

  2. The eyeliner is a little crooked in the inner eye corner, did this kind off in a hurry. My apologies for that.

  3. Nice! loved it:)


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