Cheap Dupe For MAC Soft and Gentle Highlighter

I'm back with another dupe for you girls. Since, not everyone would like to shell out 160 SR for a highlighter. If you're just starting out doing makeup and you need a cheaper alternative check this one out.

The dupe is actually a 3D eyeshadow from Essence.

I've completely ruined the packaging of the skinfinish. I use it every time I put on makeup so that's why...

You can see that the golden part of the eyeshadow looks very similar to the MAC skinfinish. When I swatched these on my hands it was difficult to tell them part. There is only one difference between the two. The glitter in the Essence eyeshadow is slightly bigger than the MAC skinfinish. That's the only difference. Look at the picture down below, isn't it hard to guess which is which?

Left: MAC Soft and Gentle
Right: Essence Irresistible Vanilla Latte 08 eyeshadow

Up: Essense eyeshadow
Down: MAC Skinfinish
There is a very slight difference in the color. But, overall I think this eyeshadow is a pretty good dupe for the MAC skinfinish. What do you think?

The Essence eyeshadow retails for about 15 SR. I don't remember the exact price but it was definitely below 20 SR. If you've been eyeing the MAC skinfinish but the price is holding you off, try this alternative instead.

To apply the Essence eyeshadow, swirl your brush around picking up both colors. After you apply it, you can take another clean brush and brush away the big glitters if you don't like them.

Essence is available in most Whites Pharmacies.

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