Sleek Creme To Powder Blush & Blush By 3 Palette Review

Great news girls! Sleek is available in Whites Pharmacy. The pharmacy has quite a big collection of Sleek products.

It is very obvious which one I've used most. Those fingerprints look terrible. 

Lets get on straight with my review.

I tried to use a blush brush to apply it, DON'T do that. I ruined it. The best way to apply it is with your fingertips. It will not blend well with a brush, it's meant to be used with your fingertips.

I always run away from creme blushes because they just don't look right. So, I was not expecting much from this blush as well. But, I was blown away the first time I used it. I absolutely love this color. Perfect coral for summer. The packaging is really nice. It's also very easy to carry around as there is no fear of it breaking. The blush itself is creme to the touch but when you start applying it, it turns to powder. Kind of magical. 

Love that...
  • it is seriously pigmented
  • it doesn't cake up
  • it doesn't smear or fade away
  • it's matte!
  • it doesn't settle into fine lines
  • it has a stunning color selection
Sleek Creme to Powder blush is one of the best creme-powder blushes I've ever tried. Absolutely loved it! Brides this is a must have in your collection!

Next is this Blush by 3 palette in Santa Marina. It is part of the new Nautical Collection by Sleek. I love the entire look of this collection. So summery and fresh!

This palette comes with three different shades. Although, the middle shade is so light that it can barely be seen on fair skin. At first look I loved the range of colors. Especially the one on the left. I was very disappointed with the pigmentation of these. They don't glide on smoothly. It takes multiple applications to get some color on to the skin. The packaging is great but the actual product itself did not meet my expectations.

Update: At first I didn't really like this palette. Thus, the above review. I have tried it again and made my sister also try it as well. So, I thought I'd come back and update you girls. The mauvee color is beautiful actually. It looks better on the face compared to the swatches on the hand. I absolutely love both the dark colors. They blend effortlessly too. I don't know what went wrong before. And, no I have not been told to change my review. I just felt like I had to update my review  to be fair here because this definitely is not a bad product.

You can find Whites Pharmacy in Riyadh Gallery and in Jeddah you can find it in Al Salam Mall.

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  1. It seems lovely!! I want it!


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