How To Do A Simple Black Smokey Eye Without Looking Like A Witch

I took the longest time to get the smokey right. Youtube videos were not helpful either. It looked good on the girl doing it but when I try it on myself  I end up looking like a racoon.

Sorry, I couldn't find a better picture. 

Smokey eye done right looks glamorous. It screams poise and elegance. I always feel more lady like with a properly done smokey eye. So, here are a few of my tips that will definitely help you get the perfect smokey eye. Once you get the technique of a smokey eye, you'll love doing it. And, it is super easy. You don't need a lot of eye shadows or brushes. You just need one flat eye shadow brush and one blending brush.

1. This step is important because it brings the whole look together. Warm up the crease with a dark brown eye shadow and blending brush. Now, make sure your smokey eye is rounded and not in a cat eye shape. I feel like the rounded shape looks much better on all eye shapes. Also, the v shape or wing is what makes it look witchy. Play around to figure out what suits your eye shape best. 

2. Pat on the black eyeshadow onto the lid, also in a round shape. Remember to not take the eye shadow towards the eyebrow and focus on the eye lid only.

3. Now, blend blend blend. Blending is the key to your perfect smokey eye. Blend all your work after each step.

4. Apply brown eye shadow on the lower lash line and then follow it with black eye shadow on top.

5. Apply kohl to the waterline, eyeliner on top and bottom, finish with mascara.

6. Optional: You can brighten up the inner corners and brow bone by applying a light highlight shade. If you feel like your black eye shadow is way too high, take a little bit of foundation on a small brush and clean up the and reshape below the brows.

Without the wing this look is very subtle and wearable yet still being very glamorous. It took me about maybe 10 minutes to complete this eye look.

If there is something you really want me to write about, please leave me a comment and let me know.

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