June Beauty Favorites

There are alot of products I'm in love with this month. So, I decided to write a complete post to share them with you all. Without further rambling lets get started! Oh, and a disclaimer you're probably going to read alot of 'love love love' and 'obsessed'. What can I say, I really really like these products.

Starting with my makeup favorites...

I recently got this contour palette, and I'm obsessed with it ever since! I'm really into contouring and highlighting the face, that's why I got this palette. That dark color is used for contouring and it is the perfect shade to create a shadow on your face. All the powders are extremely pigmented. I really really love this palette, okay.

I love bronzers and the other day I was at H&M and saw this. It looked beautiful when I swatched it on my hand. So, I got it and I've been using it every single time I wore makeup. It gives you the most beautiful bronzy sun-kissed glow. I loveeee it.

Top:  014 WILD CLOVER, Bottom: 021 RED DYNAMITE

I've also been loving these Rimmel Lasting Finish lipliners. I've used these like a million times already. I've one in red and the other is a nude color. It does make your lipstick last longer.

These are my absolute favorite Maybelline lipsticks ever!!! They are really pigmented, apply smoothly and look absolutely gorgeous on the skin. I've these two colors, left one is a beautiful neon pink and the right one is a beautiful coral color. I'm obsessed with these!!

I've attended two weddings this past month. And, this is the product that gave me that 'celebrity spotlight glow' lol. I don't know how else to describe it. I'm in love with this MAC mineralize skin finish. Its my treasure. To read my full review Click here.

I've only one hair product that I tried this month.

What are some synonyms for love? I feel like I've used 'love' a 100 times already in this post. This conditioner is amazing!!! It has all my favorite ingredients. Egg? Honey? Castor oil? I'm sold! This conditioner is not like a white cream. It has this natural goeey oily stuff in it so you know its authentic. It has made my hair so soft, smooth and silky. I use it every time I go for a bath. I apply coconut oil on my scalp and this conditioner from ear down. I highly suggest this to anyone looking for a hot oil treatment or conditioner. Must try! Beautiful product!

This is my go to moisturizer for summer. I don't know about the fairness part but it does control oil for about 3-4 hours. If you've oily skin you should give this a try. It is also a good base for makeup. People with dry skin should obviously stay away from this, it might leave dry patches on your skin. Another con of this product (I warned you) is that it leaves a whitish cast on the skin if you don't blend it into your skin properly. But, apart from that it's a good product.

I'm obsessed with this perfume. It smells so darn good. Its not that expensive either. I can't get enough of it.

That's all for my June beauty favorites. I hope I didn't ramble too much. Do leave me a comment and let me know if you like these kind of posts. I hope my Muslim sisters are having a great Ramadan.


  1. Where can I buy the coastal scents contour kit ? I have been searching for one a long time... please guide me...

  2. Hey where did you get the Vatika hair product from and for how much ?
    Is it available in Riyadh?
    It just caught my eyes lol

  3. I love the palette! Where did you get it from?
    And where are you from?


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