My Longer Eyelashes With Castor Oil

I am all about big hair and bigger lashes. Long eyelashes open up the eyes and just wake the whole face up. I didn't consider wearing false eyelashes because I'm not sure if they are permissible in Islam.

-Random old pic..
I should take a pic of how my eyelashes look now :D

Moreover, the glue in false eyelashes does more damage to the real eyelashes when you take it off by pulling the real lashes or breaking them. 

There's something about being naturally beautiful. So, I decided to check out 'natural eyelash growth' online. Castor oil for eyelashes was recommended by everyone. Everybody is raving about Castor oil and how it makes the eyelashes grow longer and thicker.

My Castor oil <3

So, I decided to buy some Castor oil and use it. It's been 3 weeks now and I honestly can say I love the results. Just in 3 weeks my lashes are reaching me eyebrows. :D I wanted to include before and after pictures of my eyelashes but unfortunately my camera isn't any good and I don't have any other cam with me right now.

Let me add that everyone may not see the same results, as hair growth also depends on genes and heredity. What Castor oil can do with regular use is make the lashes stronger and healthier. Especially, if you wear mascara alot, your lashes are bound to break/fall. 

So using castor oil regularly will definitely make them stronger, longer and more beautiful altogether.

I bought my Castor Oil from Lulu in Hara, Riyadh for Sr 12 something. I apply this oil everynight (sometimes in the morning as well) using a cutip/ear-bud, I apply it like an eyeliner on my upper and lower lid and then I will also coat my upper and lower lashes with it.

Castor Oil is thick in consistency, so don't worry about oil dripping down your face. This oil gets absorbed into the hair really fast and that is what makes it so special for eyelashes.

Results: Before I started using Castor oil my eyelashes were scarce and barely visible without mascara. Now, they are longer and more visible. It looks like I'm wearing mascara when I'm not wearing any. I noticed a lot of growth in my lower lashes too, tiny little hair coming up. I really love it.

Castor Oil is definitely worth giving a try if you love big lashes and hate using mascara everyday.

Check out -Update & Photos- My Longer Eyelashes Using Castor Oil


  1. Hey.
    I just discovered your blog today somehow and I honestly love it! And guess what? I am actually going to the store right now to pick up castor oil, I can't wait!

  2. I gotta try this too!
    I always wear mascara.

  3. Hi! Can you please give me the exact address from where you bought the creaclip hair cutting tool in Jeddah? ??? Whoever knows the exact address please reply me . Thanks

  4. salaam, ok i am trying this in one eye as an experiment. it does sure moisturise the eyeball but after two weeks i notice no noticeable length or thickness, but what i do notice is a natural curl, that won't budge, and caused the lashes to appear more apparent and long over the eyelid.
    im not sure if it is due to effect on lash or eyelid base, anyway i will keep going with it. inshaaAllah.

  5. Where can I buy castor oil here in jeddah?? Please help. Shukran!

  6. Where can I buy castor oil here in jeddah?? Please help. Shukran!

  7. Where can i buy castor oil here in jeddah can you please send me the exact address.thank you

  8. Where can i buy castor oil here in jeddah can you please send me the exact address.thank you

  9. Another great post. I'm glad I discovered this site. I'll have to try the castor oil on my lashes as I like to have long thick lashes too. I like to look feminine. Hah! I'm wondering if it will be good to mix it with a natural black henna-like substance instead of wearing mascara. Peace!

  10. I will find castor oil in Riyadh I don't know how and where but I will.

  11. Nice experience :) I too hate wearing mascara everyday)) Now I succeeded to grow my eyelashes very long with the help of Cherish Lash serum - but I remember my granny and other older people were suggesting the castor oil. :) Why not to try classical methods!! Thank you for the article :)

  12. please anybody could tell me where can i buy castor oil product here in tuwaiq khadidja roas..riyadh..


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