How To Deep Moisturize Your Body (moisture lasts for days) Goodbye, Stretchmarks and Cellulite!

Okay, if you are as lazy as me you just cannot be bothered with moisturizing your body everyday. Face I do moisturize everyday. But, I hate moisturizing my body everyday, it's just too much work! This treatment leaves your whole body moisturized for like 2-3 days depending on how thirsty (dry) your skin is!!! Not to mention with regular use this scrub does reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite.

This treatment here does everything. It's ALL-in-ONE! Don't you love All-in-one stuff? All-in-one is the reason I love multi-vitamin tablets. Like, it has everything. I just cannot be bothered to eat different different things. I do eat different different unhealthy stuff. But, the boring tasteless healthy stuff, I can't. Sometimes, I even want All-in-one clothes. Searching for matching shirts and pants...Look at the baby rompers. I mean just wear one thing, how cute is life.

That does not look cute

I'm sorry for the lame rambling, getting back to the subject.

So, recently I started doing this little treatment. And, I love it. I wouldn't exchange this scrub for a 500 riyal high-end one. This scrub has all natural ingredients. I will link it below.

Basically, what I'm using is the salt/coffee and olive oil scrub in the bath. Click Here! <= for the recipe. I recommend using the coffee scrub if you have cellulite. Coffee helps reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The little salt/coffee beads exfoliate the skin and olive oil deeply nourishes it. I know it sounds oily and messy but believe me it's just worth it. If you feel too much oil on your body, just rinse with warm water after you apply this scrub. Don't use soap/shower gel's after using the scrub, it will strip all the oil. If you do want to use soap/shower gel, use it before you apply the scrub.

The only modification I made to the scrub is I added a little bit more olive oil to make it all the more moisturizing.

So it goes like this.
Soak in warm shower for a nice 5-6 mins.
Get out, apply shampoo and soap. Rinse off.
Get out again apply hair conditioner and do the scrub. Rinse off.

THIS IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE NOW. (sorry for the caps, I just feel strongly about it. LOL) It keeps my skin moisturized and glowing. I don't even feel guilty for not taking care of it for days. Olive oil will not clog your pores and will also help with alot of skin problems.

Try this and be sure to tell me how it turns out for you. If you are a reader coming from Facebook, down below is a Facebook comment box. You can use that you know, to ask something or to send me some love.

Ciao, until next time! :)

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