Green Tea for Weight loss: My Experience

Now you must have heard a lot about the benefits of Green tea but you still wonder if it really works. So here I'm going to share my personal experience of weight loss drinking Green tea for 2-3 months. 

Though my target wasn't really losing weight, my target was losing tummy fat haha. I was too lazy to exercise I needed an easier alternative. But, exercise along with green tea will show you results faster. So what I basically did was drink green tea 2-3 times a day. After lunch and dinner green tea was necessary. I use to use the lipton green tea bags and to add some flavor I use to add mint leaves (pudina). It tastes really good with the mint leaves. You can also choose different flavors of Green tea.

So what green tea actually does is it speeds up your metabolism so as to burn fat faster. Green tea is antioxidant rich which is really good for your skin. My stomach was flat in a month and I lost all extra pounds and my skin never had any breakouts during the duration. Though, I don't promise that everyone will have the same results because everybody's metabolism is different.. But, it does work and it has many health benefits too.

I would recommend it to everyone struggling with weight loss. It's GREAT! 
An extra tip after using the green tea bag, you can apply it to your face. It will refresh and revive your skin with it's anti-oxidant rich properties. 


  1. Saadia can.u plz temme in detail hw to apply d tea on face?

  2. It is very simple! After you make the green tea with the tea bag, Squeeze out some of the water (but not all of it) and rub the tea bag all over your face for one or two minutes or until the tea bag has cooled off and isn't steamy anymore.

    If you continue to do this every week and make it a regular routine, you will really have pretty skin. Because, green tea is full of anti oxidants. And it is one of most natural ways to help your skin look brighter and flawless, it also fights acne.

  3. Yeaah...i m gonna do it now!!:)
    I always wondered whether its true ya fake!.
    JazakAllah hu khairan saadiya..:)

  4. Green tea for weight loss, heart etc are in several websites. Thanks for putting up alternate use of the used tea bag.

  5. wow!..this is amazin'! it's something i really wanted!..thanks a lot hun! :)

  6. Hi Saadia

    You have a lovely blog! I read many posts and loved each one :)
    Do u take ur green tea with sugar or without it? I always add some licorice (mulethi) into it and it tastes great!

    Take care!

    1. Hi Ankita,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I don't add sugar to my green tea, I add stevia (natural sweetener) instead. Adding sugar to green tea is defeating the entire purpose of it. Yes, licorice has alot of benefits, will definitely try adding that to my tea. Thank you for sharing!

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    i have stationary bicycle in home. how to get rid of lower belly with that...i has different levels from 1 to 10.

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  9. I have also started drinking green tea almost 3 cups a day. Its been two weeks now and I can see slight changes in my belly fat. I just wanted to ask did u follow any diet or exercise along with green tea or just green tea? Because I wanted to see if I can lose weight without exercise

  10. There are so many health benefits of taking green tea capsules regularly in which weight loss is the common and best way to reduce weight naturally. Regualar consumption of green tea extract makes your body fit and slim.


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